Question #1- Is the D750 better than the D4?

I received a question from Kenneth Quinn last night, asking me "Is the D750 better than the D4? and if I was to upgrade which one should I go for Nikon D4? or Nikon D810? I would appreciate your help"

Great question Kenneth, here's a video hopefully giving you a good answer to your question.

You can see Kenneth's fashion blog at

Here is a link to the D750 I talked about in my video. Yes, this is an affiliated link and yes I will make money if you click on it and buy it, but if my review helped you to make the decision to get it, then I ask you do my a solid and buy your D750 through this link ;) My sole purpose (with these links) is to help photographers to find the right gear that helps them to become better photographers. It's not to make money, but it also doesn't hurt to make a little extra cash.

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Joe Hendricks