Answering questions on YouTUBE.

Kenneth Quinn asked a question about the D750, D810 and D4. I gave him my answer as to which is the best camera out there for him to get.
It seems like more and more of the landscape photography community is trending towards mirrorless camera systems, such as the Sony a7 likely due to their size and weight when traveling. Where do you see the equipment used by wedding photographers heading in the next few years?

The D750 has an awesome feature for all of you that don't like where the ISO button is! Watch to see how to map the ISO button to the movie record button! 

A little insight into finding your own style in photography
Joe Hendricks describes a very simple way to get into the world of off camera lighting!
I'm a wedding photographer and although I never shoot with 2 cameras, I thought it would be cool to try out the Holdfast Moneymaker and see what it's like to use two cameras. I tell you the good and bad about my experience with it!
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