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I have a great passion for wine and even more passion for photography! After my first winery commission, I found that the two blend together perfectly. I love being among the vines and taking my time to get to know the vineyard. I always have a camera in my hand, because you never know when everything is going to come together perfectly. That's why I spend several days at your winery, taking pictures when the moment is right, and setting up other things like headshots, bottle shots and more.

I'm not there to take some pictures and leave. I'm there to get to know you, your wine and the incredible people who make it all happen. I want to capture your beloved winery in a way you never thought possible. The way you know it and love it, like the hard-working hands from generations past. 

Here are a few examples of the creativity that goes into my work. No matter what the day or time of year, there is always something beautiful to capture. Let me wander in the middle of the night (especially with a glass in hand), and I'll capture stunning night photography of your vineyard as well. There's nothing that can't be done, so let's talk about what you're looking for, and I'll tell you straight up what I can do for you.



Scroll through the next couple of pages, and if you like what you see, fill out my contact form and say hi. I'll get back to you ASAP.

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Here are some examples of what I can do for your Winery.

Based on your specific photographic needs, I usually spend somewhere between 3-9 days at your vineyard/winery, combining your vision with my creativity.


Artistic pictures of your vineyard

I wake up before the sun rises and stay out until the stars show themselves, to capture your vineyard in a very unique and beautiful way. Every day will present itself a little different, which is why I spend multiple days on-site.  The artistic photos are my favorite ones to shoot, and what I look forward to more than anything!


Headshots and group photos of your entire staff

We schedule a time and place to create professional headshots of your entire team.


interior/exterior winery photos

I will capture details of your barrel room, winemaking room, and any part of your winery that you want to show off. This is done at my own pace, but I love to learn about your winemaking process, and when someone walks around with me, they can pinpoint things that are important to the winery that I otherwise wouldn't be aware of.



Depending on how you want your bottles to be presented, I can photograph them in natural light and/or with studio lights. The natural light makes them look inviting and allows the surroundings of the vineyard to be incorporated into the shot. Studio lights allow your bottle to stand out more, they can be used on product pages and really show off your labels. Either way, they will look amazing by the time I'm through with them.



The art of creating the perfect blend takes meticulous effort, and I feel you should show that off! This is an easy, documentary-style session, when I am present in the room while you taste blends and take notes. 



This is always a lot of fun for me, because I get to spend time with the people who had the vision to make phenomenal wines! You can trust me when I say, this will be easier than you think. I work fast so you don't have to be awkward in front of the camera. We can take photos in front of the winery, among the vines and anywhere among the property that is special to you. Whatever you want, we will capture in this session.



I understand there's a lot more then just blending and tasting wine, so I go out into the vineyard and capture the hard-working staff. This session just needs to have a start time, and I will capture details of the work that goes into tending the vines.



Not only do you make amazing wines, but you need photographs of people enjoying them! So let's set up a wine tasting party (for whomever you wish) and I'll photograph it from start to finish. You don't need to do anything else than what you normally do for a tasting. I'll capture detailed "glamour shots" of the setup beforehand, and then photograph people enjoying the wine and each other's company. Optionally, I can set up a password where the guests can download the party pictures for free. 


Please, take a minute to tell me who you are, and what kind of photography you're looking for. The next step is a consultation, to answer any questions you have for me about taking pictures for you.

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