Train your mind to think creatively at weddings

Being creative at a wedding takes some effort, because once you get there, it's "game on" and that fancy double exposure you were hoping to try on your couple, gets pushed to the side because you don't have the time or you just forget about it. 

See the shot before you get there

You save a lot of time shooting, when you know a certain angle is going to work. I will teach you to predict how the shot is going to look before you even get in position for the picture.

learn how to edit fast + efficiently, with time left for a life!

You have a life outside of wedding photography. Don't let it take up every waking moment of your life! Learn how I edit every wedding in less then a week, while still keeping a very high standard of editing.

Minimize the gear you bring to weddings

The more years I photograph weddings, the less gear I bring. See how I started out and what I bring now.

See me in action!

 Watch as I get creative on a photo session and then edit my pictures afterward.

We grow better together, so ask me anything!

I believe in creative competition and so I share everything with anyone willing to ask.  

Joe’s unbridled passion for photography and working with clients to create truly unique images is very inspiring. He’s all about learning, growing, mentoring, and pushing everyone to be more creative! Joe’s way of “seeing”a scene, and making you look for a unique angle/perspective was so motivating–I put several new ideas to work in a photo session right away, and I can already see that I pushed myself further than I normally would have. Great workshop and day well spent!
— Deb
The workshop was very inspiring and taught me new and creative ways to approach each photo session and wedding day.
— John
You need to take this workshop. It’s worth the investment of your time and money. Joe was fun, easy to follow along with, and held nothing back to help us learn. He showed us a ton of his secrets, from shooting, to editing to marketing. We even got to go out on a real shoot with him and watch him work his magic!
— Kevin