Wedding Photography 1-on-1

The very first thing I tell other photographers is to check out my wedding portfolio, because you need to like my work before you take my workshop. If you like it and want to learn how to shoot like me, then this is the workshop for you! I am very hands on, with each and every person, because I want you to leave with a different way of thinking before your next wedding!

  • Learn what it takes to go from $500/ wedding to $5000/ wedding!
    • It’s not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth and you need to be ready for it!
  • Be prepared for anything at a wedding!
    • A few simple adjustments of your camera makes you ready for anything before it happens!
  • Why less gear made me a better photographer.
    • I started out with bringing a ton of gear to my weddings. Learn why I sold most of it and now shoot $7000 weddings with minimal gear.
    • Learn why you don’t need to spend money on marketing!
      • Stop spending thousands of dollars on wedding shows and magazine ads. I will share with you the #1 way to get brides time and time again!
    • See how I edit every single wedding in less then 7 days.
      • I edit every wedding myself from start to finish and my couple get their images within the week of their wedding! See how I make that happen every time.
    • I have a unique way of editing albums.
      • Ever since I started doing this one thing, my clients have been getting their wedding albums within the month of their wedding! and it’s not stressful!
    • Q&A, come at me with any question! 
      • I’ve shot over 100 weddings and I’ve been through it all. I will give you a straight and honest answer to anything.