Texas Photographer - Joe Hendricks
Texas wedding, landscape and travel photographer

Copy of We live in an Airstream

We live full-time on the road and it is the most awesome adventure you can think of! Learn how we do it and what it takes us to keep going on the road year after year!

We used to live a normal 9-5 life. Then I got into wedding photography and absolutely loved it! But, it wasn't enough, so we sold everything and hit the road full-time in an Airstream! The decision to make it happen was not easy, and the road has been bumpy, but we have seen more things and done more as a family in this last year than ever before in our life! 


My family

Rhonda is the organized one in our family. She is the reason we can plan our year long trips and the reason we run a successful business together. Austin is our 5.5 year old boy, who explores to the end of the earth with an excitement that is contagious! Everything is an adventure to him and we are so proud of the boy he has become over this last year! I am the creative one, the one always coming up with new ideas and new ways to make a living for my family. It was my idea to sell everything and leave for life on the road full-time... only time will tell if that was a crazy idea or not ;)



How we make it happen

I'm a Professional Photographer, which means that our entire income is made off of me taking photographs. I will be the fist to tell you that, if I can make it as a photographer on the road full-time, you can easily do the same with a full-time job that you can do remotely! Working on the road with an amazing view that changes every week is the coolest thing you will ever experience! If you need inspiration, being outdoors is the only way to go. You don't need to buy an Airstream like we did. There are so many options out there that are a lot cheaper. We just fell in love with the Airstream and being a photographer, I love taking pictures of it everywhere! Check out some of my work by clicking one of the pictures below and see how we live this awesome full-time life.


I have always dreamed of selling huge prints of my work in a gallery. This dream drives me (literally) to get out into the world and take pictures. I am so fortunate to have a wife and son that let me pursue this dream! So, here I am, traveling America in an Airstream with my family as I take pictures that will someday provide for our family. Until then, I shoot for companies like Airstream, Winnebago, Campgrounds... I make my living shooting weddings, couples and the occasional awesome project like Crocker and Starr Winery and the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald TN.


Photography Workshops

I've been shooting over 24 years and thought I should put some of that knowledge to work by sharing it with others! I believe in people pushing each other to be awesome at what they do, but you can't be awesome unless you share your knowledge with others. When you share what you know, it pushes you to be better in your craft. It blows my mind that people want to learn from me, and I LOVE helping photographers capture amazing pictures! Here is a list of upcoming workshops.