Tutorial Sheets

You want to learn how to take creative pictures, but you don't want to pay hundreds of dollars on a live workshop. Well, I've created these "tutorials" just for you! Each one contains camera settings and everything you need to know to take awesome pictures next time you go out! The best part, is you can take them with you! Simple buy the one you want to learn, download it, read it, then grab your camera and put it into action! 


Light Painting

In this PDF, I will give you the basic settings to capture the milky way at night and how to light up your subject in the foreground (all in one shot)! A camera that allows manual settings, a wide lens, and a tripod are needed to do this tutorial



You want to create amazing silhouettes, but they look complicated and you don’t have the best camera in the world.

I have created a simple PDF that teaches you all the basics of taking silhouette pictures!