Landscape Photographer - Joe Hendricks
Traveling full-time in an Airstream with my family,

Grotticelli Wedding


If there is one thing I can tell you to have at your wedding, it would no doubt be to have FUN! I’ve seen just about every single kind of wedding you can imagine, but I have never seen a wedding as fun as the Grotticelli wedding! The day started great… there were the normal wedding jitters that every Bride and Groom have, but then we did the “first look”. I’m bringing this up, because I have never seen a Groom so in awe of how beautiful his Bride looked! Don’t get me wrong, every Groom is so happy to see his Bride on their wedding day, but the way Tony acted and talked, was a honest sincerity I had never experienced. Every doubt, every worry that Liz might have been having was instantly gone when she saw her Tony. From then on, it was nothing but a great time with great friends at an all day party! It was the perfect way to cap off a great year of wedding photography! I hope you love the pictures and I would love to hear your thoughts at the end! Thank you to Fontanel for their great venue and to Derek Martinez for being my 2nd shooter!