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"Majestic Giant"

"Majestic Giant"

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Only 995 Limited Edition prints will ever be made.

This is a #1 piece! 24x36"

On a whim, my wife found out the blood moon was appearing in Yosemite the next morning, so I went out to shoot it. As I thought, there were many photographers out there already with huge telephoto lenses, getting a zoomed shot of the blood moon, so I went wide. If you are shooting something one way, I am going to go to the extreme opposite! As I took those photos, I turned my camera around, with my wide lens, and saw this in my viewfinder! It was amazing and the blood moon provided a small amount of light to expose that majestic mountain perfectly with the Milky Way behind it! After I got a perfect focus, which was extremely hard, I was able to get this one epic shot of El Capitan with the Milky Way! I will never forget that night for the rest of my life. I remember thinking how God knows every star in the sky, He made that amazing mountain, and He still knows every hair on my head. It was amazing.

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