Mountain Wildflowers

Mountain Wildflowers

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I got up at 4am, to get a head start on the Alpine Loop from Lake City Colorado. There were many pictures along the way that I could have stopped at, but I wanted something magical. So I kept driving, hoping I would find it. That’s when I got to a point where there was a patch of wildflowers. Just as I noticed them, I saw the suns rays start to peek through the mountains! I quickly pulled over looking for the right angle and was very pleased when I found this shot! After I took this, I thought about all of the places I could have stopped, that would have made me miss this shot. Sometimes, you have to KNOW there’s something better waiting up ahead. That’s what you call “having faith”. Have faith today and know that HE has something great in store for you. 

This is a 20x30” fine art print, printed by me in my private studio. Every print lives up to my very high standards and is shipped in a very sturdy tube for safe travel to your home!

I am only printing 10 - 20x30’s of this Mountain Wildflowers picture in it’s First Edition. It will not be printed again for another year, so this is your only chance to get it now! The 20x30 size was specifically picked for this picture to really show off the flowers and coincidentally, it’s also the easiest size to find a beautiful frame for!

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