Grand Teton Horses

Grand Teton Horses

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As I was driving through Grand Teton National Park, I came upon this dream like scene of horses grazing through the tall grass. The was sun setting and there wasn’t much time to prepare for an amazing picture. I noticed the herd was moving from left to right, so I positioned myself, hoping the horses would walk in to my scene with Grand Teton in the back ground. Right as the moment happened, a flock of birds flew from one horse to another and I took the shot! This limited, first edition print is the shot I took.

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  • Printed in house on premium archival photographic paper.
  • Includes a beautiful Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by Joe.
  • All prints are signed and numbered in the order they are purchased.
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Photography Coaching Lesson:

I was already prepared for my shot, so when the magic happened, I was able to take the picture immediately knowing that all my settings were good. Always prepare in advance for something to happen. If you come across a possible picture, take a few test shots to make sure exposure, aperture and composition are good and then wait for the shot to happen.  - Joe Hendricks

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