Delicate Arch at Night

Delicate Arch at Night


Arches National Park is one of the most amazing places you will ever visit, but it's the journey up to Delicate Arch that seems to be the pinnacle place to visit there. First, the journey is long and uphill to get there, but the way the Arch reveals itself coming around the final corner is truly spectacular! For those brave enough, night time lends itself to some pretty amazing pictures! I was set up on a very steep slope with my Nikkor 14-24mm lens on my D750, waiting for the sun to go down and talking to other photographers. After it got dark, I noticed a person walk under the Arch and shine a flashlight. A little bit of light goes a long way for a picture like this, so I timed how long they were shining their light and decided to click my shutter at the very end of their exposure. It turned out perfect! Shots like this are not easy, especially when you have no control over the light, but with a little fast thinking and knowledge of what's going on, anything can happen!

This First Edition is limited to only 10 prints!

Once they are sold, they are gone and I will not print it again for at least 6 months. Each one is 16x24” and comes with a unique Certificate of Authenticity, showing the First Edition status.


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  • I will not print this image again for at least 6 months.

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  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity to show it's First Edition status.

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