Limited Edition History

To erase any confusion or doubt, I wanted to list every single "limited edition" I have ever created, so that you can be sure your print is a unique piece that very few have!


The Patient Painter

This was the very first limited Edition that I ever sold! It was a 16x20" metal print of the Grand Canyon, that was taken on our first trip in a minivan out west! I only put 20 up for sale and sold 5. This piece is no longer in production. I used a third party to make it and there was absolutely no profit in it for me, but it was fun to put out there! Just those 5 exist and this is one picture I will never print big again.

He is risen-1-2.jpg

He is Risen and others

I've sold a few of these prints on metal to anonymous private buyers. They have all been numbered and will be taken in account when selling more of them in the future. That goes for any other print I have sold privately. There are only 6 out there and I know exactly which ones they are and who they went to.


First Edition: Fine Art 8.5x11" signed matte prints

I sold these prints while our Airstream was being repaired in California and we were staying at the Crocker and Starr Winery. These were the first prints I ever printed myself and it was a huge learning curve for me! I called them "First Editions" prints and limited each picture to only 50 prints! The goal was to have 2nd and 3rd edition prints in the future, making them like a book production. I sold 63 of them.

The series ended, because I had to cut my cost while traveling in the Airstream, but to preserve the edition, I have never used a matter paper since and never will with any of these prints.

GivingPrint-K-RedHeart 2.png

The Giving Print

The idea of "The Giving Print" is born and I stop selling "limited Edition" prints for a while.  The Giving Print started out as 8.5x11" and for a brief moment sold 11x17" prints while we were on the road in our Airstream. All prints were printed on a fine art luster paper and 2 were sold with every purchase. One for the buyer and one to give to someone else. 


Limited Edition - 1/499

There was a time when I was lost on what I was going to do with my landscape photography and so out of sheer desperation and hope, I created a line of limited edition prints that were 11x17" in size and printed on Luster paper. It was exactly the same as my "Giving Print" line, but I no longer was selling the 11x17" size through The Giving Print. Instead I wanted to sell them under my name and limited to 449. I never advertised it and felt terrible about the idea. Only one print ever sold and it was of the Dead Lakes. Fortunately, I never sold a "Giving Print" of the Deadlakes in 11x17" size, so this one print is the only one out there and it is numbered 1/499 and signed by me.


My first gallery

In late 2017, I had my first gallery in Del Rio TX. I created 12 huge prints that I 100% made myself in my small studio in Brackettville TX. The prints are still for sale (at the time of writing this) and almost all of them are #1 gallery pieces. I have come a long way since my first limited edition Patient Painter, but I have kept great records of every single piece I have sold and where they are at on the primary market. I you are interested in owning one of these gallery prints click on this link here: Gallery Prints