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A family with everything going for them, decides to sell everything and hit the road full-time in an Airstream. 


A Brief History

Currently, I'm traveling across the county with my family in a 30ft Airstream. We go wherever the wind blows us and take on different photography jobs along the way.

 971114-N-2302H-001Aboard USS George Washington (November 14, 1997) -- A catapult team performs a first run Òno-loadÓ on the number two catapult steam system during morning preparations for launch. George Washington and her embarked Carrier Air Wing One (CVW-1) are currently deployed on a regularly scheduled deployment to the eastern Mediterranean. The President has ordered the George Washington and elements of her Battle Group to proceed to the Arabian Gulf to support UN efforts to complete Iraqi compliance with UN resolutions, joining the USS Nimitz already on station.  U.S. Navy photo by PhotographerÕs Mate 3rd Class Joseph Hendricks (Released)

I got into photography in the US NAVY. For 7 years I took pictures onboard an aircraft carrier where I learned to shoot (on film)  headshots, news stories, yearbooks, travel landscapes and much much more. The best thing I gained form the NAVY (besides knowing a ton about photography) was to never quit. Now, no matter how tough a job gets, I welcome the challenge to photograph it to the best of my ability. 

This image captured the attention of Newsweek magazine, and is still my most widely distributed photo to date.



Ten years ago, I began photographing weddings and it changed my life forever! I was able to make a full-time income and be super creative taking pictures. Everything I learned in the NAVY translated so well into wedding photography. I 100% welcomed the stress of consistently capturing amazing pictures time after time. It's a rush that I thrive off of, and I still look forward to every time I shoot a wedding!

This is the creative photo that helped take my career to the next level. My bride and groom lay down on the ground, and I had their wedding party reach for them, while I ran up 4 flights of stairs to capture this awesome shot!


A family trip out west in 2014 stirred up a desire in us to travel a lot more! At the time, we were taking care of my wife's mom (who survived Glioblastoma brain cancer) so the idea of being on the road full-time didn't seem too realistic. Somehow though, I convinced my mother-in-law to travel with us, and it was the start of a great adventure that I would love to tell you more about in person ;)

We have now been on the road for over a year, shooting landscapes, falling in love with the great outdoors, and learning a great deal about ourselves along the way. I still shoot weddings, but my focus has changed to landscapes and client shoots. One of my favorite clients is Airstream, who has bought a number of my images. Kirklands has just licensed a photo that they will be selling nationwide, and Crocker and Starr Winery had me photograph their vineyard over the course of 3 weeks! I learned a ton about wine and made relationships to last forever!

I encourage you to go to my Clients section to see the work I did for these wonderful companies.




Rhonda is the business side of our company. She's also the person that keeps me on track, communicates with clients, and organizes most of my shoots. She is very talented when it comes to planning, and she's the reason that we have a successful business! 

When she's outside, she like to be around Aspen trees... they make her happy! Inside, she like to binge watch Netflix TV shows, peruse through social media sites, and plan fun things to do in our future locations.

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Obviously, I am the photographer and the one that concentrates on taking great pictures. Without Rhonda, there would be no way I could get as creative as I do. Her influence is what allows me to take my photography to the next level, and because I'm not answering emails and doing admin tasks everyday, you get my full attention when I shoot for you. It really has been amazing to be able to work with her over these last 8 years.

I love running, songwriting, and being around people who inspire me. I have recently gotten into speaking at conferences and LOVE it! Check out my last Key Note at: RVESummit Speaker

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Austin is the one who has the most fun! It's never a dull moment with him around, and he is literally around ALL the time in our Airstream! I feel like he has learned so much on the road, more than many kids will ever experience. His favorite shows are Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol and Team Umizoomi. When it comes to Hot Wheels, he has some of the fastest cars on the planet and he will never shy away from a race ;)

More than anything, his attitude is infectious and we are blessed every single day to have him in our lives.

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