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Here is what you get with every family photography session with Joe Hendricks

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"Driving home I hear my 8 year old daughter say, "Mom that was fun! Can we do it again?" You probably think we just left an amusement park or arcade, right? Nope! That is what she said after finishing our photography session with Joe Hendricks! I could go on and on about the beauty and precision of Joe's work, but his photos speak for themselves. What I want all families to know, is that family photos don't have to be painful or boring! With Joe, we all relaxed, laughed, showed him who we truly were and left him ready to go again! Because of that, my walls are filled with pictures of my children's personalities, not just their smiles. I treasure each photo because it takes me back to the memory of the fun we had that day and reminds me of who and what my kids were like at those points of time in their lives. We truly cannot recommend Joe enough!" - Stephanie Lee, Nashville TN

Joe is one of the most personable photographers you will ever meet and he makes your family session, one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have taking pictures! You can see through his photographs that families love working with Joe! You will never meet a more creative family photographer and Joe delivers every single time. To top it off, he has a super fast turn around, he gives you all the pictures, and there are no contract to sign. Just show up, take pictures and enjoy them a few days later! 

What's included in your session?

Every session includes sufficient time to get the pictures you'll love! That usually ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. He edits every single picture, and delivers all of them via digital download, making it super convenient for you and your family. 


What should you expect? 

You should expect to have fun! Joe will get at least one traditional, posed picture of the entire family, because that is what everyone expects, but he's a very creative photographer and loves to capture photos that are different and awesome. Joe lets the kids be kids, and he works around them to make it a successful shoot. Parents can bring some small treats for the kids (like M&M's) to help nudge them in the right direction ;) 


Where do you take pictures?

Joe can take your pictures anywhere! Believe me, he can make a junky place into a work of art! He loves shooting in places that really mean something to the family. Your house or ranch is always a great location, but we will coordinate a specific place for the shoot to happen.