Transitioning our Wedding business to Colorado


It’s never easy moving to a new state, but we needed to get out of Texas!


Why were we there in the first place? It was a great place to take care of my mother-in-law. It hasn’t been the easiest time for us, but it’s our time to take care of her and so we spent 2 years in Texas doing just that. Unfortunately, the small town we were living in was not good for our professional photography business at all.


We ended up taking a month long trip to Colorado in hopes of finding a place to move to in the future. A place that would inspire us every day to get outside and enjoy nature! We found a little town called Montrose (one of the larger towns on the western slope) and fell in love with the location! Their slogan is “Stay here, play everywhere”, which is exactly what it is good for!

One of the things that is starting to take off here are Elopements! After being a successful wedding photographer and trying my hand at landscape photography, I found eloping to be the perfect mix of both! I’m pretty new to it myself, but I there is no doubt that I am going to love them! In the meantime, I find myself getting fit and ready to tackle the nearby mountain slopes! Insert an amazing couple with a desire to get married in the middle of the mountains and you will find the happiest photographer in the world!

I’ve only done a couple sessions so far, but let me just say, get ready for some amazing photos! With these kinds of backgrounds, I can’t wait to see what awaits me looking through the lens of my camera!


If you want to hire me for an elopement sessions, please fill out my contact form.

Joe Hendricks