The Giving Print - What it is and why we are so passionate about it!

The Giving Print was an idea I came up with on my 41st birthday. Instead of giving prints to people, I asked them to think of someone else that I could send the print to. I spent my entire birthday filling out note cards, packaging prints and sending them off!


That’s how The Giving Print was born, but it still had to grow up and become a more mature idea. After a couple of different plans, I finally came up with selling all of our prints in the red frames you see today! Red was the color of the heart in our logo and I wanted something to represent the heart of the person giving the print to someone else, so we gave the red frames a try.

red frame prototypes

I made three prototypes and they blew me away! I knew instantly that people could eventually one day see one of these prints on the wall and say “That’s a Giving Print!”. Along with it, they would instantly know that someone cares for that person.

But making these frames is not easy nor is it cheap. We have invested all of our money into this idea, because we want to change lives. We want people to know they are cared for. I want people to be encouraged. When people are encouraged, there’s no end to what they can do.

Imagine you have a friend that is really good at science, but they are severely depressed. No matter how successful a person gets, if they are not cared for, they feel alone and isolated from the world. Imagine now, that they get a Giving Print from someone that really cares for them! Sending cards and flowers is also nice, but that stuff gets thrown away and eventually forgotten. We have created something that will stay up on the wall forever! A constant reminder everyday of the beauty that exists in this world and that someone thinks they are worth sending a Giving Print to.


We all know someone that is hurting. We all know someone that needs some encouragement. We at The Giving Print are going to do everything we can to motivate you to be the difference in someone’s life. By allowing you to be the difference, we create a chain reaction of kindness through out the world. One act of kindness leads to another and then another and so on.

Every one of our prints is prayed over before they get shipped, because we believe that these prints need to start off on a strong foundation. They are sent out to change lives and to make a difference in people, so praying is the least we can do for every single print.

The photography that we put in each frame is world class. We use amazing photographers from all around the world to create amazing images that you can relate to. Take some time, look through them and pick out the one that is going to speak to your friend.

We have decided that Montrose Colorado is the perfect place to start The Giving Print! It’s a small town surrounded by epic landscapes every where you look. If you get the chance, look us up and come by and see the pictures in person. They are absolutely amazing and we pray that every one of them makes a difference in someone’s life.

Joe Hendricks