Family Photography


Family Photoshoots can be fun!

The #1 reason local or vacationing families come to me every year for their family pictures is… it’s fun! I take pictures fast, so there’s no waiting around with awkward smiles. I love running around with the kids, because let’s face it, kids rule the shoot! If they want to ruin the whole thing, they can. So I design the entire shoot around them. If they’re having fun then you’ll be happy, and it comes through in the final pictures every time! 


 Real Moments


I capture the real moments that make your family unique!


A fun family session!



Family sessions start at $450

  • Expect to have FUN!

  • No time limit (most sessions last less than an hour, but every family is different).

  • No limit on the amount of picture you receive.

  • Pictures delivered within 3 days!

  • A gallery to download and share all your pictures

  • Yes, we will get formal pictures too.



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This is me and my family!

This is me and my family!




“Driving home I hear my 8 year old daughter say, “Mom that was fun! Can we do it again?” You probably think we just left an amusement park or arcade, right? Nope! I could go on and on about the beauty and precision of Joe’s work, but his photos speak for themselves. What I want all families to know, is that family photos don’t have to be painful or boring! With Joe, we all relaxed laughed, showed him who we truly were and left him ready to go again! We truly cannot recommend Joe enough!”

— Stephanie Lee