We are FULL-TIME in the Airstream!

No one ever said "Chasing your dreams was easy"! It has been a whirlwind of emotions these last few days. 

Yesterday, we officially closed on the sell of our house! So now we are officially on the road full-time in our Airstream!


The first issue we had, was putting everyones stuff up in the right place, where it made sense and we could still find it. We are still working on that ;)


A few hours down the road, we were able to meet up with Norma and Marvin at Cracker Barrel. Two very good friends of Kitty!


Then we headed back on the road to our first camp site as fulltimers!


So far, it's been good. Not really sure what to think of it all yet. I am editing a wedding, so I haven't been able to fully enjoy it yet, but I'm hoping to get out there soon and take some awesome pictures for you all to see!

PicturesJoe Hendricks