The inside of our Airstream

I'm getting a lot of people asking me what the inside of our Airstream looks like, so I went outside and took a few pictures with my iPhone for you. For those of you new to Airstreams, let me just say that the new ones are absolutely amazing inside! They come with ducted air conditioning, leather seating, beautiful kitchen hardware and much more! On ours, we have a few extras that make it even nicer, like a bunk bed in the back, solar panels to keep our batteries charged, window awnings on every window and stone guards on the front to protect it from rocks. 

Yes, it looks amazing, but remember that 3 adults and a 4 year old will be living in this small little space together.... so having a nice inside is going to make it a little easier  (hopefully).


I stood on the queen bed in order to get a good angle of the Airstream inside. It's an open floor plane with lots of light and room to sit.


Here's a slightly lower angle to show you the fridge, drawer space, and the back bunk beds. To the right of the bunk beds is the bathroom.


Here's a panoramic view of the front of the airstream. Kitchen on the left, a lounge and the queen size bed in front. The cover for the sink is used as a cutting board and the table can be swung out to use as extra space for preparing food ;)


This particular airstream has one of the largest bathrooms and shower that you can get! You can step out of the shower and dry off... which you don't see every day in an Airstream ;)


One of my favorite things about an Airstream is the amount of light that comes into it!! We have huge windows and even the lights above are daylight balanced with a dimmable light switch to adjust brightness. That table you see also folds down into a bed in case we ever have more people stay with us.

This is the queen size bed with wardrobes for Rhonda and I on each side. That window also opens up so we can see the beautiful views! Most of the windows in our Airstream open up with screens keeping the bugs out. It's extremely easy and they are so well made!


This is our solar panel control center that shows us how full our batteries are. We can run lights, water, the furnace, electrical items, the stereo, toilets and water faucets on the batteries. So, if we find an amazing place somewhere, we can stay there for a couple days without any electricity hook-ups! Assuming we conserve our water and electricity ;)

Kitty will be sleeping on the bottom bunk and Austin will be sleeping on the top. She has her own tv around the corner there and she loves to have it dark where she sleeps, so this works out real good. I am a little concerned about her getting in and out of the bed. Worst case scenario, I will get rid of the storage area that takes up a foot of space underneath the corner of her bed and open it up for her to have more space to walk in, turning her full bed into a twin bed.


Here is Austin's bunk bed!! He absolutely loves it!! We spend a lot of time playing hide and seek with it!


And this is the view from our Bed in front. We have a small divider to keep us a little private, a tv to watch and windows to enjoy the view with! 

It's an amazing Airstream! Our is called the "Flying Cloud 30ft Bunk" model. It has 2 air conditioners, a furnace or electric heat (when plugged in) the solar panels I told you about, a big bathroom (for Airstream standards), 3 flat screen tv's, a blue ray DVD player, speakers through out the Airstream for music or TV, a convection microwave, that works as an oven or microwave, enough room for 8 people to sleep, ultra leather seats that are very easy to clean, a thermostat, an inverter (so we can run basic electrical items off of the batteries), smoke alarms, a bunch of throw pillows (which we will probably leave behind), a stove with 3 burners, a skylight, 18 windows to enjoy the world outside, a spaceship exterior. 

I will have to do another post on all the cool stuff outside of the Airstream, because this is getting to be longer than expected.... there's just so much to talk about!

We wanted our trip to be something to remember for the rest of our lives and we didn't want it to be in a camper that was put together in 7 hours. Our Airstream was handmade by people who love their jobs in America. Every piece was placed and fitted to by human hands and you can tell that they really take care when they are putting it together!

Let me know in the comments what you guys think! I love hearing you all! 

More adventures to come!

PicturesJoe Hendricks