Texas Photographer - Joe Hendricks
Texas wedding, landscape and travel photographer


Landscape Photographer, Joe Hendricks, shares his life on the road in an Airstream, where he lives full-time with his family.

Last day at the condo

This is my wife and my mother in law “Kitty” sitting on the porch of her condo for the last time in her life. 

Kitty has been living in assisted living for a year and we decided it was time to get her out of there and show her America in a way she has never experienced before… In an airstream! Starting in 2016, we will set off on this journey of living full time in an airstream, just Me, my wife, my 4 year old son and of course Kitty. 

We pray that God will provide us with a huge amount of patience as we experience life together. 

I will post updates along the way through this Instagram. You will learn about all of us, our journey, the good and bad of it all and hopefully we will all survive the entire ordeal 😉


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