Elk Statues explained

A few of you have expressed how misleading my picture was of the Elk statues and how my writing didn't make it any better, so I wanted to take the time to write a personal message to my followers about the shot and to say thank you for letting me know how it came across.

My favorite thing to do is make ordinary things look extraordinary! This was an ordinary statue and I thought it was would be fun to get down low, into the grass, and make it look cool and almost life like! I guess I did that...

Unfortunately, I need to work on my writing skills more. I'm good at taking pictures, but not as good at writing and that is something I am going to work on a lot more. I learned a lot from my picture of the elk statues....

  1. I learned that I have some amazing friends/followers who really believe I can take a shot like this! That means the world to me and I'm sorry if I mislead any of you.
  2. I will try to leave the sarcasm to the side and just write the truth from now on.
  3. You guys are amazing! I had a couple friends contact me and told me how it felt from their point of view to read my caption and to also read my edit, which I also didn't handle well.... I am thankful to have you guys on my side and to be willing to forgive and help me along this journey!
  4. I will continue to take awesome pictures along the way and this just pushes me to get better at my overall craft of being a story teller, through both visual and written word! 
  5. Thanks for sticking with me.... I won't let you down.

Here is the picture of the elk statue before it was edited.


For all of you who linked up friends, commented on my picture and liked it.... I'm sorry and will definitely be more clear in the future and not mislead any of you.

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