Dublin bottling works in Texas

While driving from Hillsboro, TX to San Angelo, we stumbled across the little town of Dublin, and one of the things they're famous for is their Dr. Pepper bottling factory. Buuuuut, you can't call it that any more, because Snapple bought Dr. Pepper and forced this little place to stop bottling it. 

So after all this happened, the bottling company decided to do their own thing, and man are they doing it good! They make their own line of sodas made with real cane sugar! Here's a little tour of their facility (just $5!).

Recycled bottles of Dr. Pepper that are lying around.
Recycled bottles of Dr. Pepper that are lying around.

The line still operates to this day!


And you can personally inspect the bottles on the line :) The tour has little games that you play along the way (like how old is this bottle?) and you can sample the flavors on the tour!


If you're a Dr. Pepper enthusiast, then this is a must see for you! The last part of the tour, I'm not allowed to show, but I can tell you there is a lot of Dr. Pepper history & memorabilia on display for all to see. 

There's also the "soda shop" on site where you can sample ALL their flavors, buy lunch or sweet treats, and create your own mixed case of Dublin brand sodas. Though it's kind of out of the way in Dublin TX, you HAVE to stop by if you are going through!

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