A couple weeks in Wine Country with Crocker and Starr

We made it to California, but got stuck in wine country for 4 weeks of Airstream repairs!

We found out that our floors were rotted, because our water heater was leaking and Airstream told us that it was a 4+ week repair! The fortunate thing, was that all this happened in wine country! So I started getting on the phone/Internet to my good friends and a few days later, we got invited to stay at Crocker and Starr Winery for a couple weeks! To say it was amazing is an understatement!

From day one, I felt like family here! We saw the grounds where we were staying and thought it was something out of a fairy tale! I got to know Pam Starr (the head winemaker) and the rest of her amazing crew while taking pictures,and drinking wine! They are an amazing team, with a great attitude and love for wine!

Here are some pictures that were taken the first few days of my visit there.


Their wines are beautiful! Let me just say that the 2015 Sauvignon Blanc is the best I have ever had! My go to, was always a Duckhorn sauvignon blanc, but Crocker and Starr's blew my socks off! They make a great Cabernet Franc, a big Cabernet and my personal favorite, the Casali! I tried the Casali 6, which is 69% Malbec, 25% Cabernet, 6% Cabernet Franc. Absolutely amazing! 


The last night in the vineyard, I opened the Casali In front of the Casali that is was named after, walked over to the Malbec grapes, the Cabernet grapes and the Cab franc grapes and spent some time with each of them. I would touch the grape, take a sip, walk through the vines, take a sip and grab a piece of the dirt, break it in my hands and then take another sip. It was one of the coolest experiences ever!


The coolest thing of all, was waking up in the vineyards and taking pictures! Normally, I would have to drive about an hour to get some cool shots in the morning, but now I was able to simply, put on some sandals and walk to the vines! 


I'm a firm believer that everything works out for a reason and these last couple weeks were definitely proof that it does! Now, I'm just waiting for our Airstream to get fixed and get back on the road with my family :) I hope you love the pictures! Who knows... we may decide to come back to wine country and find a way to live here ;)

Here are some more fun pictures I took during my couple weeks there!


Check out Crocker and Starr next time you are in St Helena! Click the logo to go to their website!

Thank you to the entire team at Crocker and Starr for being so amazing and accommodating my family while we were there! All of you are a true Joy to work with and be around!