50 Things I learned While traveling fulltime in an Airstream

I can't believe it has already been a year since we sold our house and set on the road! The journey has been amazing. So amazing, that we are still on the road and don't plan to stop anytime soon!!


So what did we learn about traveling full time? Here is a list of 50 things that I learned from traveling full time in an AIrstream.

  1. We travelled about 40,000 miles total
  2. Buying used bikes became our best investment.
  3. Solar power really came through while we were boondocking.
  4. Making coffee in the morning required a generator for us.
  5. I should have invested in velcro and 3M tape!
  6. Google maps isn't always right (when towing an Airstream)
  7. It takes teamwork to be without hook ups for 5 days.
  8. An Internet connection was much easier to get than originally thought.
  9. It is definitely possible to work full time on the road (we are still doing it).
  10. Campendium is our favorite website to find campsites.
  11. So glad I upgraded to 16" wheels with Michelins... they are awesome!
  12. Always carry an extra fresh water hose incase hook ups are far away.
  13. Moochdocking (staying in out friends driveway) was a lot of fun.
  14. Our 5 year old has learned to make friends fast.
  15. Our 5 year old has learned to say goodbye to fast.
  16. The 30ft bunk model Airstream is perfect for families.
  17. The National Park system is absolutely amazing.
  18. Big Bend, in Texas, is one of the best places to see the stars!
  19. Airstreamers bond instantly (most of the time).
  20. Most campgrounds are super safe.
  21. People in the campgrounds are some of the best people you will ever meet.
  22. The first time you boondock, you will be peeking out the windows all night.
  23. So glad we got a diesel truck!
  24. I'm always scoping out gas stations half a mile ahead now.
  25. Pull over at a rest stop, switch seats, and let your spouse learn to drive.
  26. Backing up into spots is actually a lot of fun (I love challenges).
  27. "Boondockers Welcome" is an experience. We did it one time.
  28. Harvest Host was one of our most favorite groups to be a part of.
  29. Fulltimers communicate a lot through Instagram messenger.
  30. Crack the top fan to help prevent condensation on cold nights.
  31. So glad we had an inverter while boondocking.
  32. Our stock Interstate batteries got us half way through a cold night.
  33. Trojan batteries lasted till the next day and then some.
  34. We love the Equalizer hitch!
  35. I turned my jack sideways so I could put down my tailgate while hooked up.
  36. I love love love, the inducted AC on our Airstream!
  37. The Convection microwave was a great choice, but not great for boondocking.
  38. We only grilled out about 7 times the entire year.
  39. Hearing hail fall on your Airstream is terrifying!!
  40. We only got 1 small dent in that 1 hail storm.
  41. Moving fast to & from campgrounds will wear out the planner in your family.
  42. With a 4/5 year old, you can't go on long family hikes.
  43. Go into National Parks on a Wednesday to find a great spot.
  44. "Alone time"... what is that?
  45. You will become a sticker collector.
  46. Campground wifi is not the greatest.
  47. The 30ft bunk model has a macerator (look it up) YAY!!!
  48. Any noise made in the bathroom will be heard by everyone.
  49. I wish we would have boondocked more.
  50. Keep a journal of everything that happens your first year, because it goes by way to fast.
Joe Hendricks