Vanderbilt Engagement

One of my favorite things to do, is have my couple pick a location I know nothing about and I go and make something happen there! Seriously, you can pick just about any location and I can make it look good for you... all it takes, is a little creativity and a great couple ;) When the couple picks a location, it's usually something that are familiar with, thus it allows them to be more comfortable right off the bat! Dani and Shane picked Vanderbilt University as their location, because they both work there! I loved it and here are some of the pics we got! BTW, I used the new D750 for this shoot, just to try it out.... I'll write about that camera in another post.

Vanderbilt building
silhouette at vanderbilt
fall leaves at vanderbilt
double exposure with leaves
in direct sunlight
under bulding
holding hands
sitting on a bench
Vanerbilt architecture
kissing her head

It was a fun engagement session and my eyes lit up, every time we turned a corner! Creative Photographers shooting in a new location is like a kid in a candy store!

Joe Hendricks