How my editing style has changed

This morning, I was going through all the weddings I ever shot, which was a bit overwhelming, but came to the wedding of Jim and Christina Holloway. Noticing that I still had the RAW files of the bridal session, I decided to see how my editing style has changed over the years! I imported the pics into Lightroom 5 and did my thing. I decided not to look at the older pics until I was done and at the end, I would compare them and see which one I liked better! 

It was a very cool experience and I can definitely say that I like the way I edit now compared to 4-5 years ago. Here are a couple pictures that I edited. 

The old picture is on the left and the new editing style is on the right


We should always be trying to improve the way we edit as photographers. It's cool to look back at the way I use to do things and how I have changed. I hope as the years go on, that I can write a post 5 years from now and say "I can't believe I use to edit that way" ;) 

If you're not moving forward, what direction are you moving?

Joe Hendricks