Fearless Photographers - Wedding Photography Contest

I think every wedding photographer should be pushing themselves to be better at the weddings they shoot! That's why I'm a huge fan of wedding photography contests! When you're looking for motivation to be better at taking pictures, there really is no better place to turn to! It's easy to compare yourself to your friends and peers in your local network, but if you want to really be pushed, you need to see what everyone else in the world is doing! 

FearlessPhotographers.com - I love the photographs that come out of this contest! I can go through almost 200 photos every contest and 90% of them just blow me away!  Sometimes winning photos are chosen because they are just extraordinary moments and not necessarily the most well-composed pictures. of course, that's not the case for every photo though. Fearless Photographers definitely have the best photographers in the industry submitting every single time and if you need any inspiration at all, this is your place to go! Here is my profile on the Fearless website: 

I've had one photo chosen as "Fearless" since I've been a member for about a year. 

I've had one photo chosen as "Fearless" since I've been a member for about a year. 

I would suggest that you look through some of the winning galleries of Fearless and see if the images move you.... if they do, think about joining and start pushing yourself to be more creative at your weddings ;)

Joe Hendricks