Don't like editing? Here's 3 tips to make it more fun!

I hear a lot of people saying they hate editing. I use to hate it also, but I found out a few tricks that made all the difference in the world when it came to editing my sessions! Are you ready? 

1. Take better pictures! Seriously, stop taking the same old pictures and push yourself to do something different! When you take the same pictures over and over you start to fall into a rut and so does your editing. Nothing is worse than editing 100-1000 pictures that look exactly the same!


Every time I come back from a session, I can't wait to see the pictures I took! I'm always trying something new and seeing things differently with each session. I honestly can't wait to see how something turns out when I'm editing! 


2. Try some different actions and see what is possible with your pictures. I bought the Totally Rad and VSCO actions 6 years ago and played with them while I was editing. I was amazed how pictures could be totally transformed into something cool and new! I eventually created my own presets and they are what I use to get me started at every editing session! To this day, I still use a few of the Totally Rad actions to make a photo pop.


3. Be super critical about the photos you edit! Seriously, editing 3 images in a row that look exactly the same sucks! When you are culling, choose 1 or 2 out of the 27 pictures you took in the same spot. If you have to pick 3, do something different to it. Make it B&W. But, when you make something B&W, be intentional about it! Don't give your client an option, Instead tell them it "had to be" B&W. You're the professional and are perfectly capable of picking the best shot to edit. Remember, no one will ever miss a shot they never saw.


Editing should be a joy. A chance to try something new with an image. Taking the time to understand how to edit well, will make everything easier for you. Just like knowing your camera makes it easier to capture amazing shots in a split second. 

 Joe Hendricks


Joe Hendricks