A Winter Wonderland- Wedding After Session, Nashville TN

When the snow comes, I love to have a Bride on standby! It's also nice to have 4 wheel drive to get me where I need to be for the good shots! This was an amazing session and Kristin and Chase were so awesome for being out in the cold with me! Of course, if a couple is willing to go out of their way for me, then you better believe I am going to do whatever it takes to get amazing pictures of them! 

wedding in the snow, nashville TN
groom keeping his bride warm in the snow
silhouette in the snow, in Nashville TN
snow wedding, Nashville tn
vail in the wind and snow
bride in the snow
wedding dress, open back, with gold
wedding in the snow
two rivers mansion in the snow
bride and groom kiss in the snow
throwing snow in the air, bride and groom

I always have so much fun at my wedding shoots, but this particular one left me breathless at every turn! I would gladly go back out in to the snow for another shoot when that opportunity arrises! email me at joe@joehendricks.com if you're interested.

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Joe Hendricks