5 ways Snapchat will be huge for Photographers in 2016!

Snapchat is exploding in 2016 and I'm going to share with you how it will be very beneficial for Photographers!

1. PEOPLE PAY MORE ATTENTION: First off, You can only find people to follow by knowing their username. It doesn't connect to Facebook, Twitter or anything else right now, so if you are a photographer that others follow, then those followers WANT to hear what you have to say! Furthermore, they only get two chances to hear a message from you one on one. They have 24 hours to see you through "My Story". This means, people listen more, because it will soon be gone.

2. THE "MY STORY" FEATURE IS AWESOME: "My story" allows users to re-watch your videos for 24 hours. After that, they are gone forever. I find that it works awesome as a "behind the scenes" of your photography career. This is your chance to show off your personality and have fun with it! If you ever post something that embarrasses you, it'll be gone in 24 hours, so who cares! :) Don't worry though, you cans re-record your messages until you get it right before posting to your "My Story"

3. AN HONEST APPROACH TO THE INTERNET: Snapchat seems to be more honest then Instagram. All you have is the ability to take a picture or video in the moment. No pre-processed images to make them look awesome, so what you get is a whole new level of honestly that is refreshing to see on the Internet. 


4. TALKING TO FRIENDS IS FUN! Just send a text or video to someone and respond with the same. They get two chances to see your message and that's it. This means that people actually pay attention to what you're saying, because if they don't it's gone.

5. 24 HOUR PROMOTIONS! Lets say you want to try something new with your photography. Snapchat is the perfect place to do that! You can offer a family photography special, a special deal on your wedding albums or even a nice landscape print at a discounted price, just to see how people respond to the promotion. It will be public for 24 hours. If it works out, do it again someday, if it doesn't, then no harm done. Most people will probably never even know you tried it unless they looked at your "my story section".

2016 is the year that Snapchat is going to really take off and get popular! People are finally starting to understand it and you better get going on it before it explodes. A lot of you are kicking yourself for not getting on Instagram from the very beginning. Don't make the same mistake with Snapchat! Sign up, follow me and send me a message! Let me know what you think and if you have any questions!

My user name on Snapchat is: Joe-Hendricks

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Have fun and happy snapping!!

Joe Hendricks

Joe Hendricks