5 Shots Every Bride should get on their wedding day!

Now that I've shot 100 weddings, I've started reflecting back over the years and decided to help out as many people as possible when it comes to getting good wedding pictures! Today, I want to help brides get the very best photography they can on their wedding day. Here are 5 shots that I believe are everything at the wedding!

1. The Details

You've spent so much time planning your wedding, sometimes years in advance! Every little detail means something to you and it needs to be captured! I have an assistant with me at all times, to point out details that I may miss from moving too fast during the wedding day. Flowers, tables, shoes, rings, lighting, food, drinks, decorations.... you name it, I get it! 


2. Couple Pictures

Why put an obvious choice in here? Because it's the most important! Above all else, these should be the most important pictures you take! Take your time, move around and get a whole bunch of different shots. Be in love, enjoy the fact that you're getting married today, or that you just did. This alone time with just the two of you is the only time you are going to be alone the rest of the day.... enjoy it. You have way too many people who love you and want to tell you congratulations, so you will never get alone time again (unless you have a good photographer... read more)

piggy back

3. Creative Shots

Your wedding is unique and so are you! You should have an amazing shot that no one else has! It breaks my heart when I have a bride send me pictures from Pinterest, because they are wanting to copy what someone else already did. There's nothing unique about that! I personally strive on creativity at your wedding and if you have a great photographer, they will get you amazing shots that other brides will want to pin!


4. Shots of your guests

Every couple wants to see who came to their wedding. Believe it or not, a lot of photographers don't care to take posed pictures of people at the reception. Not me! If I see a couple people I haven't taken a picture of yet, I go up to them and ask them for a quick shot. It takes no time and everyone like to show that they were at the wedding! 


5. The super creative shot at night!

These are the best! They are the types of pictures that will blow you away when you see them! They take planning and skill and very few photographers can do them. They are the creative night shots that involve things like light painting, multiple flashes, and a creative eye! But the best part for the Bride and Groom is.... it's a break from all that dancing at the reception!  I set up this kind of shot at the end of the night. I have the Bride and Groom come with me for about 10 minutes and I create something amazing for them! The "super creative shot at night" isn't for everyone, but its the kind of shot that makes your wedding photos stand out among everyone else's! 

creative photography

There are many more shots that you need to get at your wedding, but if you really want your photos to stand out and be memorable, then I truly believe these are the kinds of shots you need!

Joe Hendricks