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Joe Hendricks

Your wedding is everything to me. That’s why I always arrive early, always work my butt off, and always deliver pictures to you within 2 weeks. I also give a wedding album with every single package, because I feel it is super important to remember this day for the rest of your life!

One thing you should know about me is that I work fast, without you having to be rushed. I get the shot I’m going for and we move onto the next shot.

My couples are head over heels in love with each other! They hire me because they don’t want to worry about their photographer on their wedding day, and most of them want me to be as creative as I can be. I travel America full-time in an Airstream, so I drive just about anywhere to shoot weddings!

Fill out the contact form to let me know about yourself, and let's schedule a meeting so I can answer any questions you have. I always tell my couples, it doesn't matter how much you like my work, if you feel more comfortable with another photographer, you should go with them -- because you will be around them all day and it really does reflect in your pictures. Like I said, your wedding means everything to me, and you should be happy and comfortable on that day.

I wish you the very best and I look forward to meeting you, which will probably over Skype since I am never in one place for too long ;)

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rhonda Hendricks


Rhonda is the rock that holds us together. She's the one you're emailing with, scheduling your shoot through, and talking about the details of your wedding with. Her communication skills are amazing and the envy of every photographer in Nashville. Photographer friends tells me if they had a Rhonda, they would love their work so much more! Because she handles all communications, I can concentrate 100% on your wedding photos. I'm not thinking about my next gig or emails I didn't return.... I'm just thinking about your wedding and you can thank Rhonda for that. 

Besides all this, she's an amazing woman and a wonderful mother to our 5-year-old son. How she does it all, amazes me!







And this leads me to Austin.... he's everything to us. He's the adventure that keeps us going when we are running on empty. I swear that nothing is impossible for him! I spend a lot of time editing your wedding photos and he somehow always finds a way to have fun! He loves to travel, throw rocks and race big monster trucks!