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About Joe Hendricks Wedding Photography

Wedding photography should be fun and creative! Joe Hendricks is one of the most creative photographers in the South Texas

Joe Hendricks

Joe Hendricks is a nationally recognized wedding photographer based in the small town of Brackettville, TX. Why Brackettville? Because he's taking care of his mother-in-law and Texas was the best place to do that. So, now he's bringing his high-end wedding photography skills to central Texas! He not only has a great attitude at your wedding, but he is fast, focused, and gets along with everyone. Joe is best known for his constant ability to be creative on the spot. He literally can make something beautiful out of nothing, and he will blow your mind when he shows you the back of his camera and what he just captured! 


Fast turnaround is also really important to Joe, and truly sets him apart. After shooting over 100 weddings, he has never taken longer then 3 weeks to deliver images. Every wedding package includes a premium, luxe photo album. Joe has been personally designing his couples' wedding albums for years, and brides & grooms absolutely love them. With Joe creating the album layout, it allows the album to be in your hands less than a month after your wedding! They are super high quality and normally would cost you $1500, but Joe includes them for free. Just like his photography, this is a very unique thing that no other wedding photographer does and Joe spends a lot of time on it making sure it is perfect!

If you haven't seen Joe's work yet, check out his portfolio and make sure you love what he does. The next step will be to have a consultation with him and make sure you get along. Joe will be the first to say, "No matter how much you love my work, if you don't get along with me, don't hire me, because your photographer will be with you all day long on the most important day of your life and the way you interact with your photographer will show up in your pictures." You will always get the honest truth from Joe, because he wants you to have an awesome wedding whether or not you hire him as your photographer.

Remember, you only have one chance to hire a photographer for your wedding. Joe is normally higher priced then most other photographers, but there's a reason for that. He's one of the best in the business.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask through our contact form or email joe directly at 

Just for fun, here's a link to an article Professional Photographer Magazine write about Joe and his wedding creativity and expertise! Click the picture to read more.