1 on 1 Photography Coaching

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I do 1-on-1 consultations with photographers like you, who are insanely talented but just can't figure out what they need to do to get to the next level.  So let's talk about you, your work and get you thinking differently about your photography!


Feel free to have a list of questions/topics you'd like to discuss, such as:

  • We dig into your work and I help you take your photography to the next level.

  • I give you advice to separate yourself from the competition.

  • I Help you with pricing. I'll even be straight up with you and tell you what I think your work is worth.

  • I can teach you how to stay creative at every shoot.

  • I'll critique your portfolio and give you advice to make it stronger.

  • Through it all, I want to encourage you to be the best photographer you can be!

  • We get better together!


Example 1 on 1 Sessions

Joe Hendricks does a 1 on 1 photography Coaching session with a couple in Mexico that is traveling with their 4 kids in an RV! If you are a travel photographer and you need help taking pictures along the way, then this is a great way to learn how to take better pictures!! Crazyfamilyadventure.com

I help people improve their wedding photography business, whether they are beginning or already have a striving business model. Ask me anything: pricing, portfolio reviews, how to take better pictures, getting creative, how to talk to clients how to get more clients... I cover it all.


In this video, I talk to Kristin and Scott about taking their photography to the next level! This is a special 1 on 1 consult, where I show a few editing tricks that I usually Camelsandchocolate.com

Dan is traveling America in a trailer with his wife and had some questions about photography that he needed answered. Because of his life on the road, it's hard for him to take a workshop or meet up with someone he's never met along the way.


Roaming Remolders, John and Nadia ask me questions on how to improve their photography. - Here are some of the Q&A: - great composition changes everything! - tripod or no tripod?